Project Finance & Syndication Services

Our Project Finance & Syndications Group is engaged in Debt Syndication and arranges debt through Syndication/Underwriting. Initially, this service was provided by Bank of India. Later, Bank of India incorporated a wholly owned subsidiary i.e. BOI Merchant Bankers Ltd. (BOIMB) and this activity were carried out by new entity. Project finance & Syndications Group of Bank of India, presently with BOIMB has successfully completed several Syndication assignments of industrial houses in diverse sectors and has established itself in the Project Finance and Syndication business.

We have skilled and experienced team, having vast experience and capabilities of successfully managing project finance transactions.

BOIMB offers syndication services to corporates engaged in infrastructure development viz. road, port, power, telecom, logistics etc. as well as to those in the manufacturing sectors viz. steel, cement, sugar etc.

Syndication services can be availed for:

The loans may be in the form of INR, ECB and FCL on plain vanilla or structured basis.

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